Does Vitamin Water Expire?

Does vitamin water expire? Vitamin water can rejuvenate your body on a hot summer day. It is an excellent drink to satisfy your thirst and every other home has one. It can be tempting to drink it when it is scorching hot. But – you have to ensure it is safe to consume otherwise things can get wrong for you.

How long vitamin water remains drinkable depends on the storage. Normally, it will expire within 6 – 9 months. It necessarily will not go bad after expiration but will lose its quality and flavor. It will not be as enjoyable to drink as when it was fresh.

You must know how to store vitamin water to prolong its life. Learning how to tell if it has gone bad will also help you avoid a lot of health problems.

How Long Does Vitamin Water Last?

The shelf life of unopened vitamin water is 6 to 9 months. It will start declining in taste and quality afterward. Opened vitamin water only lasts for 3 – 5 days. However, storing it properly will extend its life to a few more days. It does not spoil after the expiry date but will be less enjoyable to drink. You can even tell it is getting old.

Vitamin water remains safe to drink even after the “best by date” or expiry date. “Best by date” only means when a food product is going to start losing its quality. But – it will not completely go bad after that date.

Storing vitamin water correctly will make it last longer. It will remain fresh and enjoyable for a long time if conditions are right for storage. Similarly, it will take longer to expire compared to when it is left on the kitchen counter.

Does Vitamin Water Go Bad?

Vitamin water does not truly go bad because it is only made of water, sugar, and vitamins. It does not spoil to the extent of making you sick. However, improper storage can result in the contamination of vitamin water.

For example, the bottle may start to degenerate if you leave it in a hot place for a while. As a result, chemicals can make their way to vitamin water. The water will have a plastic taste besides becoming more harmful to drink. However, the chances of this happening are limited. It will only take place if you put the bottle next to high temperatures for a very long period.

Very old water will also slightly change its color. Once again, it doesn’t mean vitamin water is unsafe to drink. It only means it has gone quite old and may be quite unpleasant to drink.

It is better to discard vitamin water if you don’t like its taste or think it is no longer safe to use.   

How to Tell if Vitamin Water is Bad?

Apart from the color change, there is no way to tell if the vitamin water has gone bad. Even it only happens when the water is too old. However, you can always smell or taste the water to know if it is still drinkable or not.

It has probably spoiled if it doesn’t taste as fresh or enjoyable as unopened or new water. However, it may still be quite safe to consume.

How to Store Vitamin Water?

Choose a dark and cold place to store your vitamin water. Similarly, there should be no heat or light source nearby. The best place to store vitamin water is the fridge. Another place you can put it securely is the kitchen cabinet. However, always store opened vitamin water in an airtight container in a fridge.

Storing it in the fridge will keep your water fresh and tasty for a long period. Similarly, it inhibits the growth of bacteria and other contaminations. Cold water is also more delicious to drink.

Can You Drink Expired Vitamin Water?

You will not get sick if you drink expired vitamin water. However, it doesn’t taste as enjoyable and is similar to fresh water. Vitamin water seldom goes bad because of sugar which is an excellent preservative. Therefore, it will remain fresh for quite some time before it gets contaminated.

The water is safe to consume as long as it does not display any signs of contamination or spoilage. It may lose its taste because it has been in storage for a while.

Whether or not you should drink expired vitamin water depends on your preference. Some people will drink it and some people will throw it away because they just do not like the bland water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does vitamin water expire?

It can last for 6 – 9 months but does not go bad after that period. You can still drink expired vitamin water but it will not have the same quality and taste as fresh water.

Is vitamin water good for you?

Vitamin water can impart a lot of energy to your body on hot days. However, you should limit its consumption because the body does not compensate for liquid sugar calories. It is a sugary drink and can result in obesity or weight gain.

Does vitamin water need refrigeration?

Unopened vitamin water does not need refrigeration. You can store it in a dry but cold place for 6 – 9 months. However, you should always store opened vitamin water in a fridge.

Final Thoughts

Does vitamin water expire? It does but drinking expired vitamin water is not deleterious to your health. However, it will lose its taste and quality with time. Drinking vitamin water passed its expiry is up to you. You can safely drink it or throw it away if you don’t like the taste.

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